Rainforest Challenge is the world famous and one of the toughest races in Malaysia organized by the off-road racing legend Luis Wee. RFC has been held in Malaysia for over 20 years with support from the government. The format of the event is that of special tracks limited by 15 minutes and requiring strenuous efforts from the whole crew. Everything is important: piloting skills, motor power, speed of the winch and durability of the vehicle. The tracks are laid in the jungle, through clay and sand, mountain springs and rivers, with significant variations in height.

Since 2013, Russia has been hosting the national qualifying rounds for the Rainforest Challenge Grand Final Malaysia. In 2016, the race was held in North Caucasus for the first time, attracting more than one hundred crews. Teams representing almost all Russian

regions and some other countries arrived to try their hand at the RFC West Russia KMV. Participation in RFC is a real challenge for

teams and their trucks. Only half of the original field usually finishes the race.


This race is not for everyone – it is for the toughest, most

experienced and venturous sportsmen who are prepared to receive this call. Performing mind-blowing tricks in a truck is not easy, and there is no victory without risk.

RFC is now ranked as one of the top 10 most hardcore off-road races in the world and is viewed as an unofficial World Trophy.


RFC race will be held in Russia from 27 July to 8 August 2019, attracting crews from all around the world. Our event is a serious challenge both for crews and their trucks. However, the hallmark of the race is a unique combination of camaraderie and extreme mountain adventures. It is a testing ground not only through the hardships of the tracks, but also in terms of weather conditions and surrounding landscape. The race is going to be dramatic, passionate, over-the-top positive, adventurous, crazy and sportive – and, of course, it’s going to be a real show! In short, you will witness a 4x4 equivalent of Formula 1. Any off-roader should try it out at least

once in their lifetime!

24 years after the first start of the legendary Rainforest Challenge, the organizers are proud to introduce a new name in the world

RFC series – Rainforest Challenge Russia Caucasus (RFC RC). For the first time outside of rainy forests of Malaysia, a full 13-day off-road marathon will be held in Russia. The crews will have to overcome 45 stages – both during the day and at night – laid out in the North Caucasus Federal Region. The campsites will

be set in picturesque locations at the slopes of the Greater Caucasus Range, on the territory of five Russian regions: Stavropol, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino-Balkaria, The Republic of North Ossetia – Alania and the Chechen Republic. The race will adhere to the original rules and technical requirements to the Grand Final RFC Malaysia vehicles.

RFC Russia Caucasus 2019 will attract sportsmen from all over Russia – from Smolensk to Vladivostok. The winners of the regional qualifying rounds of the Far East and Primorsky Krai, prize winners and participants of the Grand Final Malaysia – the strongest crews of the RFC Russia West series and champions of the RFC Russia East series – in other words, the best of the best will take part in the main RFC competition in Russia.


Besides Russian teams, RFC Russia Caucasus has invited sportsmen from Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Mongolia and Poland.


Rainforest Trophy is an adventure, a journey, a test for the team spirit, a challenge and a real treat for outdoor activity lovers. This format was developed by the founder of RFC series Luis Wee as a touristic experience in wet Malaysian forests. And now we are inviting you to take part in the event representing a shining legacy of the Camel Trophy expedition – Rainforest Trophy Caucasus. You will experience 700 kilometers of the most exciting and exuberant route from Elbrus to Kazbek along the mountain range of Caucasus. The route will follow historic and natural sites of North Caucasus. Six campsites will be organized along the way – for the participants not just to rest and get a feel of the national identity and spirit of the people living in the region, but also to witness one of the toughest races in the world – Rainforest Challenge Russia Caucasus.

Special stages for Rainforest Challenge Russia Caucasus and routes for Rainforest Trophy are being prepared for the declared types of vehicles. Every region will have campsites providing rest and, if necessary, truck repair and refueling, as well as an opportunity to replenish water and food supplies.


  • Locations of unique beauty at the foothill of the Greater Caucasus Range with stunning views of Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. Numerous attractions of cultural and natural value.
  • Strong competition. Traditionally, RFC attracts the best off-roaders in the world, while remaining one of the most accessible and democratic off-road series.
  • Excellent event organization.
  • One-of-a-kind monitoring system to trace results of participants in each of the declared categories.
  • Opening and closing ceremonies, as well as starts for the regional locations will be held within city limits, offering a wonderful opportunity for families and outdoor recreation enthusiasts to welcome the participants and celebrate the event.
  • RFC series is very popular among viewers around the world. You will see people and trucks conquering roadless terrain just next to you! Take part in the Rainforest Challenge! Support the toughest and the fiercest!


 Rainforest Challenge Russia Caucasus & Rainforest Trophy Caucasus are not just sports events – embark on your adventure of a lifetime!




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Белалов Ахмед Окуевич

Маршал Чеченская Республика. Внедорожный Клуб "AKHMAT"

Мадаев Ильяс Салаудинович

Чеченская республика. Внедорожный клуб "AKHMAT"

Хатуев Ахмед Назарбекович

Чеченская республика. Внедорожный клуб "AKHMAT"

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Маршал Ставропольский край. СКАНО 4х4 КМВ

Сычев Виталий Васильевич

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Хаджимусаев Мухамед Саид Бекович

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Сычева Ольга Владимировна

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